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DIY Printable: Valentine Arrow Pencils

This is a cute Non-Candy Valentine that the kids will love. Make easy Valentine arrow pencils for the kids’ school exchange. Our schools do not allow candy so this is a great alternative. My son wanted football pencils and my daughter picked out cute Valentine ones.

DIY printable Valentine Arrow Pencils

Click on the template below and print out on color paper.  Cut out the pieces and have your kids write their names on them.  Tape these pieces to pencils or pens.  I had some red string on hand so I wrapped around the pencils and tied. Don’t forget to cut slits for the cool feather effect. I think they came out really cute. They were easy to do, although a little time consuming with the cutting. My kids gave up about half way through.

The color paper I bought on Amazon. It was a ream of 500 sheets but I know I will be able to use for other projects.  The football pencils does sell and the Valentine pencils I picked up at DollarTree.

Valentine_Arrows_B Valentine_Arrows_F









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