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Miya’s 5th Birthday Party – Monster High Inspired

My daughter loves Monster High Boo York and wanted this to be her theme. Well if you know Monster High Boo York there are no party supplies out there for this. So we had to use a mix of Monster High School and I created a few items inspired by Boo York.

Miya invite 2   DSC_0098

I made the invitations and featured her favorite Catty Noir. I printed these out at Walgreens.

Girl guests received pink paper treat bags, filled with goodies and sealed with Monster High skull stickers. There were also boys at the party so they received white treat bags with Star Wars favors and sealed with a Star Wars sticker.

monster high favor bags.jpg

(Pink Favor Bags, Monster High Stickers, Monster High Tableware)

I also made dairy free cupcakes for those with allergies.  Other treats I ventured to make for the first time were candied pretzel sticks and candied oreo cookies. I made a take home box for each guest.  To see how I made the swirl cupcakes click here.


(Monster High Cupcake Picks and Cups)

DSC_1305  DSC_1328.JPG



Water bottles were covered with coordinating colors and pattern. You can print out your DIY printable here for those.

Monster high water bottles


I made three table centerpieces and confetti for only $4 from the DollarTree. Lucky Miya’s birthday is around Valentine’s day so I found a Monster High Valentines school kit. I cut out some of the images and glued them onto 3 centerpieces.  Some of the Valentine’s cards we added to the girl favor bags.  I cut out other images from the cards and box and used as table confetti.  Easy, cheap, and they added to the overall theme.

centerpieces monster high 1  Centerpieces monster high

Make a balloon bunting with needle and thread.

DSC_1475.JPG  monster high wall scene

(Monster High Wall Scene, Hot Pink, and Black Latex Balloons)


(Monster High Cupcake Rings)
Miya party poster.jpg
(Back: Monster High Wall Scene  Front: Personalized Vinyl Banner)


We do sell many of the Monster High theme party supplies that I used. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. LIKE and Pin me for Later.  Thank you.

Monster High Theme Party DIY




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