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St Patrick’s Day Sweets 2 of 3: Mint Shamrock Brownies

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I decided to make some brownies and add some mint chips.  I used regular Duncan Hines Brownie mix and made some mint flavored shamrocks for a festive touch.

The brownies were made per the box directions. As they baked I started to make the shamrocks.

I used Wilton’s  green candy melts.  I melted them per the bag instructions.  I added a few drops of mint extract. I used a Wilton disposable piping bag and a #3 tip. When I added the melted mixture into the bag it was too runny to make shapes. I had to wait a little. I tried a few times before the consistency was right. It was harder than I thought it would be. After 50 shamrocks I was getting the hang of it. I think the next time I will be pretty good. I piped 3 dots the size of chocolate chips and then took a toothpick and connected them.  The nice thing with this candy is that if you mess up you can remelt them. They peel off of waxed paper very easily once dried. They do not have to be perfect. Once they are on the brownies they look so good.

IMG_2624  candy shamrocks candy shamrocks 2  IMG_2625

After the brownies were cooked and cooled I cut them and placed the shamrocks on top.  The brownies were still a little warm so the shamrocks melted just enough to stick to the brownie squares. They came out great. The family loved them. It was good practice using the candy melts. The possibilities are endless for the uses. Enjoy!


Did you see what I made yesterday?  Lucky Charms Rice Crispy Treats. Click here to view. Stay tuned for the next St. Patrick’s Day Treat tomorrow.




St Patricks Brownies Mint Clover Chips





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