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St. Patrick’s Day Sweets 3 of 3: Pot of Gold Rainbow Cupcakes

Well this was not actually going to be be #3 of St. Patrick’s Sweets making, but I got these new Pot of Gold cupcake rings today and I could not help myself. I had to use them.  I made Pot of Gold & Candy Rainbow Cupcakes.

Patricks Cupcakes FB

What you will need:

  1. Cake mix – Yes, that is a hole in my box. It’s Box Top Time!
  2. Frosting
  3. Green Cupcake Cups logo emoji
  4. Pot of Gold Cupcake Rings logo emoji
  5. Airheads Xtreme Candy Strips logo emoji
  6. Green Frosting Color
  7. Wilton Frosting Tips #233 (Grass) or #4B (Swirl- substitute what you have)
  8. Wilton Disposible Frosting Bag

I made the cupcakes per the box directions. I used green cupcake cups. As the cupcakes baked I made the frosting a green color.  I used Wilton colors blue and yellow to make my green. Putting the bag into a cup to fill makes it easy. If your frosting is too runny you can always pop it into the fridge for a bit.

You will need a  pack of Airhead Extreme Rainbow Strips. If you cut each strip into 3 pieces you can get 24 total.  I used a little frosting to attach the candy strips to the ring.  Frost the green grass and then the white clouds.  Next I added the rings and stuck the end of the rainbow into the cloud.


They came out so cute.

pot gold rainbow cupcakes.jpg

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thank you.

We do sell the rings, cups, and candy strips in an easy set. This set is a seasonal limited time offer.  Click her for details.


Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thank you. Pin to save for Later!

St Patricks Pot of Gold Rainbow Cupcakes




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