Leftover Easter Chocolate Candy Ideas

Well a month has past by and we still have our large chocolate easter bunnies. Every year the kids never eat them. They love getting them, but never get around to eating them. I hate to throw him away so I decided I would use him.  Here are some ideas you may try.

1. Make chocolate chip cookies. Everyone loves cookies.


2. Make chocolate covered strawberries. A simple treat, but looks so fancy.

Melt chopped chocolate on low heat or defrost setting.


3. Make chocolate covered toast. Adding Fruit is so pretty.


4. Make chocolate crepes. My favorite thing to eat in Paris was Nutella & banana crepes.


5. Make chocolate lava cupcakes. YUM! I do have a great recipe for this.


6. Make chocolate shavings and decorate frosted cupcakes or cakes.


7. Melt down and make cupcake or cake toppers. Use a piping or zip lock bag.


8. Make a chocolate milk shake


9. Drizzle over Ice Cream. How about a banana split?


10. Frozen Banana Pops.



Leftover Easter Candy Ideas



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