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DIY Zootopia Cupcake Toppers

Zootopia DIY cupcake toppers


Since you can not buy Zootopia cupcake toppers in the stores I wanted to show you a quick and easy DIY with stickers and toothpicks. Our Zootopia sticker packs come with 75 stickers so there are plenty to make cupcake toppers and other party accessories. I will make a separate posting for the other ideas.








You will need:

Zootopia Stickers logo emoji

Regular Paper




Cut the bottom of the character. Peel off the sticker and place a toothpick to the sticky side. Stick the sticker on a white piece of paper. Cut around the edge of the sticker. These were really easy to make and the finished cupcakes looked so cute.

DSC_0205  DSC_0206




Your Zootopia fans will love these. To see all of our Zootopia party products visit our store. Stay tuned for more ideas on what to do with these stickers. You can also visit our Zootopia Pinterest Board for more inspiration.



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