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DIY Lion Guard Cupcake Toppers

Lion Guard DIY cupcake toppers


Lion Guard has become a popular show to watch at our house. We have always been a big fan of Lion King and now my kids love this new tv cartoon series. Cupcake toppers are not available for purchase in stores yet. So here is a quick and easy DIY to make your own Lion Guard cupcake toppers.









You will need:

Lion Guard Stickerslogo emoji


White Paper


Cut the bottom of the character. Place a toothpick on the sticky back. Stick the sticker on the white paper. Cut along the edge of the sticker. These are easy and look so cute. I added some tree cupcake picks.



I used the wilton grass tip and their disposable piping bags.

DSC_0172DSC_0173   DSC_0174   DSC_0176   DSC_0177


These stickers can also be used to decorate cups, invitations, name cards, placemats, silverware/napkin settings, and so much more. Kawabunga!!!!!

Click here to see some Lion Guard inspired party supplies.


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