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Snoopy Royal Icing Sugar Cookies

My little friend Eli turned 6 this summer. He had a Snoopy themed party. I made some Snoopy royal icing cookies for the party. Here are the pictures.


IMG_0796   IMG_0836

After sugar cookies were cooled I outlined and flooded with white royal icing.DSC_0436

I let these cool overnight.   DSC_0438

I was going to decorate the cookies with royal icing accents, but I did not have enough time so I used Wilton Edible Markers. These are great to use when you do not have enough time for the icing to completely dry.

I used a red Wilton Edible Marker for the red collar.DSC_0488

Next I used the Black and started with the black mark on his back.DSC_0489

Next added the feet lines.DSC_0490

Next added the nose.DSC_0491

Next added the eyes and the one eyebrow.DSC_0493

Next added the mouth.DSC_0494

Next added the ear.DSC_0495

Next added the arm and hand.DSC_0496


I put each cookie in sealable bags for each guest.DSC_0502

Pin me for later.

Snoopy Royal Icing Cookies

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