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Baseball Royal Icing Cookies

Here is my step by step to make baseball royal icing cookies. My son’s 1st grade class was having a baseball themed party. These would also be great for a baseball themed birthday party. Since this only used 2 colors it was fairly easy. And they came out great.

Baseball Cookies 2

I used the Wilton Sugar Cookie Recipe and the Wilton Royal Icing Recipe.

After the cookies were baked and cooled I put the first layer of white icing. I first outlined the circles and flooded the cookie completely. I let these dry overnight.

IMG_0697  IMG_0698

Use a toothpick for air bubbles or for any touch up.


After the cookies were set I drew the red ball lines using a Wilton edible marker. The line helps as a guide when piping.



First I did the long lines and then after those were set I added the stitching. They came out really cute.


I put each cookie in a bag for each student.  These would be great for a baseball birthday party. You could do tennis balls or basketballs too for a sports theme.


Pin this one for later.

Baseball RoyalIcing Cookies





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