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Monster Krispie Treats – Easy Halloween Treats.

I saw these types of treats all over the net so I decided to try. Looks so cute and easy to do. I am all about the Easy!!!!  I used the rice crispy recipe on the cereal box. It only made about a dozen treats so if you need more you will have to double the recipe.  I should always do this since I always loose a few to family members saying they need to “test” them.


This was a very simple project. Easy to do. These can be changed for so many themes.

The kids decorated white M&Ms with edible markers for the ScArY EyeS. I cut the treats by eye, but next time I will use a paper template. That’s if you want them all to be the same size. I guess with monster treats they really do not have to be uniform or in anyway perfect.  I just like things to be all the same. LOL!

These pictures show the melting over 12 minutes. In the end it still was a bit thick so I added a little crisco.

After you dip the treats in the candy melts add the eyes quickly so they will stick.  Since I was doing a small batch of treats I opted to melt the other 2 colors in small bowls. My microwave has a “soften/melt” setting that I used for about 2 minutes. Stirring after 1 minute.  They came out so cute. The kids loved them.








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