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DIY Crepe Tassel Garland


I wanted to make a tassel garland for a baby shower for a friend. I have seen so many cute examples on Pinterest for these using tissue paper, ribbon, etc. Since we sell a wide range of colored crepe streamers I wanted to use streamers instead of tissue. So this is my project.

You will need:  scissors  |   3-4 rolls of streamers   |    string or ribbon

I choose a dark pink, light pink, gold, and white.



You can have all the tassels the same size or you can vary the sizes. Look on pinterest for images to help you decide the look you like.  If you want a 8″ tassel then measure out 16″. I folded the lengths back and forth until I had 6 lengths.  I would string up the ribbon first so you can hang the tassels on it as you make them.  Fold the crepe strip over the ribbon.

Next sinch the sides together and tie ribbon around it. I made three cuts in this. First directly in the middle. Next, take either of the strips and cut them in half. You end up with four strips.

Keep doing this using different color streamers. You can decide if you want them all to be the same length or cut them if you wish. I ended up not cutting mine at all. The bottoms were also looped. So you can decide if you like that or want to cut the ends.

These came out really cute. They were easy to make. I can see using this for so many party themes. I know I will do for the 4th of July next year. has a wide range of streamer colors. Let us know if you do not see the colors you need. Thank you, Kimi.


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