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Cheerleader Cheer Cookies

I made some cookies for the local Wheaton Warrenville South High School Cheer holiday party. Never done cheer cookies before so this was a fun project.  I think they came out really cute.

There are lots of fun ideas for a Cheer party. You can view my cheer board on pinterest below.



I bought 3 cutters: cheer outfit, megaphone, and paw print. The paw prints cutter did not work so I did not use it. I used orange, black, and white royal icing. When using black it is very important to make sure you give the icing enough time to dry so it does not bleed into the other colors. I used a thicker black icing for the names. A thicker icing will also help with bleeding.  I put each one in a clear bag and tied with orange and black ribbon.





Click here to visit our  Cheer Party Ideas Pinterest board.





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