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Bowling Party Cookies

My son Sam turned 8 years old!!! OMG can’t believe it. We decided to go bowling to celebrate. So of course I needed to make some bowling cookies. I already had a circle cutout for the balls, but I did not have a bowling pin. I did not have time to buy a cookie cutter because we literally decided on bowling about 5 days prior. It gets busy with the holidays and then when January 4th comes around I am always scrambling to put things together.  I made a template of a bowling pin from card stock and I was ready to go.  Here are some pictures.


One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was a Joseph Joseph rolling pin. It has adjustable/ removable disc for different thicknesses you want. It was super easy to use. I will post a review post later. I rolled cookies out 1/4″ thick.

I made red, blue, and swirl bowling balls.

Outlined and flooded white pins.

After they dried overnight I added the red strips to the pins and the black finger holes to the balls. They came out really cute. As always coffee gets me through these “projects”.

img_4126   dsc_1312









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