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Girl’s Sleepover Party Favors – Dollar Tree Finds

Miya turned 6 years old and wanted to have her BFF spend the night. This was her first girl friend sleepover. I went to the Dollar Tree and was able to find lots of cute items for a Slumber Party Favor Bag. I only had to put together 2 bags so I was willing to spend a little more on each one.  There was so much too choose from I really had to limit myself.

What I bought:

Cute Zebra print Make up bag $1.00

Hello Kitty Toothbrushes and Toothpaste $1.00

Mirror compact with folding hair brush $1.00

Lip Gloss $0.50

Hair Accessories $0.50

Flashlight $1.00

Multi color Pen  $1.00

Notebooks  $0.25

Sleep masks $1.00

Sleep socks $1.00

Total was $8.25 for each bag

I embroidered their names on the front.



Other items I saw there:

Nail Polish

Other Nail Care Items


Craft Kits


Princess Tiaras


Hair Foam Rollers

Lots of cute Notebooks

… and so much more!


You can definitely do the sets cheaper. You can find many multi-packs which can bring the cost down to $0.25 per item.

Have fun shopping. I know the girls will love whatever you find.











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