Easy Tattoo Easter Eggs – DIY Tutorial: Shopkins, Pokemon, Yo-Kai Watch and More!

We did this last year and it was sooo easy. This year we have so many more tattoo characters to choose from the hard part was choosing which ones to use.

Any temporary tattoos will work. Apply them the same way you would to your skin. You can choose to color your eggs before or not.  Have fun!


If the clear sheet does not come of the tattoo easy, don’t even bother. I had a set that was hard to peel off and they did not work.

Use a lot of water.

Peel off Slowly. You can see if it is not sticking? Put the paper back down and wet more.

Use the biggest eggs you can get. Some of these tattoos are large and you will get wrinkles in them. So the bigger the egg the better.

It is possible to move the tattoo a bit once you take the paper off. For minor fixing only.

Make sure the tattoo is completely dry before touching it.

Smaller tattoos work better.

Shopkins Easter Eggs Tattoos


We have many character sets to choose from.

Paw Patrol Girl Pups


Miles from Tomorrowland



Little Charmers

Yo-Kai Watch


Super Mario

and so many more………. Click to see the selection: logo


Coupon Valid for 20% off Any Tattoos.

valid thru: 3/31/17

DIY Easter Eggs



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