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Our visit to Pottery Bayou – Spring Break fun – Paint you own ceramics studio

Spring break is here and I have two kids anxious to be entertained all week. Too bad kids I can not do this. I have scheduled some play dates and yesterday I took them to Pottery Bayou in downtown Naperville, Illinois. Pottery Bayou is a paint your own potter place. My daughter just received a gift certificate and she has been begging me to take her here for a month now. The special day finally came. Along with Sam (8y) and Miya (6y) we invited some of Miya’s friends. Three more cute eager painters showed up with their mom. Parking is ample and there is a StarBucks a block away you can visit before heading to paint.


I picked Tuesday because it was 1/2 off the $8 studio fee per person. We got there at 11am when they opened and were there about 2 hours. The studio fee includes 2 hours of painting. I think this is plenty of time. The kids took about 15 minutes to pick and re-pick their soon to be masterpieces. Miya picked a medium cat ($18) and Sam picked a fish ($12.50) and a small bunny ($8). The other girls picked a dog, cat, and a softball bank.  During our time there all the tables quickly filled up. I would definitely recommend getting there early to get a table and also get the best of the ceramics pick. I think it might have been more busy because it was half off day studio fees and Spring Break.

Each table has all the brushes you need and a small water bowl for cleaning. The kids pretty much did it all themselves. We (moms) had to get more paint colors for them as requested. The hard part for me the first time at a place like this when Miya was 4.5y, was to not help her paint the way I thought a unicorn should be painted. This time I was totally hands off and she had a blast with her friends. The cat color changed completely several times. But was her special cat.


The studio fee includes all the paint, brushes, stencils (for fancy painters), cleaning towels, and they glaze the final product for you. Honestly the ceramics I am sure you can find for half the price at a hobby store, but all the extras you get are far worth it. This would not be a frequent activity, but a special one they will remember and have a nice keepsake.  The best part of it all is YOU DO NOT MESS UP YOUR HOUSE.  Let me tell you these girls are NOT neat painters.

They also have parties here. I would love to have a party for Miya or just invite some friends again for a special day. If you can get at least 6 kids together it is $16 per kid and they get to choose from certain pieces. I did not see the selection so I guess I would inquire more about this before. It would be very important what those were. $16 is quite a savings is you have several kids.  I think normally you would spend easy $25 per kid.

I will update this post in a week to show the finished products. This would also be a great place to paint something special for a grandparent that already has everything. Some ideas would be a mug, places, ring dish, and more.



Pottery Bayou – 210 S. Washington St., Naperville, Illinois 60540

630-718-9823   Email:




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