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Nothing Bundt Cake CopyCat Recipe – White Chocolate Raspberry Cake : OMG the Best Cake You’ve had in a Long Time!

Nothing Bundt Cake - White Choco Raspberry

A few months back was my first experience with Nothing Bundt Cakes. I bought a White Chocolate Raspberry bundt cake for my daughter, Miya’s 6th birthday. I took in Shopkins figures and they did a beautiful job decorating it.  The cake tasted even better than it looked. It was amazing, moist and so flavorful.  I craved it long after. I found a recipe online and gave it a try. It came out great and I have since been able to replicate with the same results. You must try this recipe.


1 white cake box

1 Pkg. Instant White Chocolate OR Vanilla Pudding 1.5oz

4 Eggs

1 C. Sour Cream

1/2 C. Water

1/2 C. Oil

1 1/2 C. White Choco Chips Chopped

1 C. Raspberry pastry or pie filling

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour the bundt pan.

Mix the first six ingredients above together. Lastly fold in the white chocolate chips.

Fill half the bundt pan with the batter. Next place spoonfuls of the filling on top of the batter. Use about half the filling. Next take a knife and swirl around 2-3 times only. Fill the rest of the batter on top and repeat the raspberry filling step.

Bake for 45-50 minutes. Do the knife test and cook 3-5 more minutes until the knife comes out clean. Let the cake cool for 20 minutes before taking out of pan. You can put this in the fridge overnight and frost the next day.


2 Pkgs. Cream Cheese 8oz. each

1/2 C. Butter Softened

3 C. Powdered Sugar

1/2 tsp. Vanilla Extract

Cream the butter and cream cheese first. Add powdered sugar in 2-3 steps. Add vanilla. Keep adding sugar until the frosting is thick.  Put the frosting in a zip bag and cut the corner. If the frosting is too thick you can add more sugar or put in the fridge to harden up.

NOTES: My 6″ bundt pan took about 1 hour. I have a convection oven. I learned that you really have to grease and flour the pan really well so it does not stick. But if it does don’t worry. Try to piece it back as best you can. You will be frosting over most of it so you won’t be able to tell.




I also made small 4″ bundt cakes. These are perfect for 5 people. This recipe can make 3 of the smaller bundt cakes.  The larger pan is good for 10.  Please try it and let me know what you think.






4 thoughts on “Nothing Bundt Cake CopyCat Recipe – White Chocolate Raspberry Cake : OMG the Best Cake You’ve had in a Long Time!

  1. I could only find a 3.5 oz box of instant vanilla pudding mix. Should I only use 1/3 of it or does this recipe mean to say 3.5 oz instead of the 1.5 oz?


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