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Decorate Cookies with Stencils – Royal Icing

Decorate Cookies

I wanted to try stencils for decorating cookies. Graduation was coming and this was a great opportunity to try out. Of course I always think of these great ideas a few days before production time. So Amazon Prime came through again. There was not a huge selection but I decided on a set by Designer Stencils. It came with 6 different graduation theme stencils sized 2″ each.  I made my cookies in a few different shapes in the morning and that night I flooded them all in white.  The next morning I decorated.

I was making 2 school sets; Iowa State and Ole Miss.

I used piping consistency icing for the stencils. I practiced a few times on parchment paper first. It was pretty easy to use. It is best to get a stencil much smaller than your cookie. My circle stencils were about the same size as my smallest round cookies. So those were a little harder to work with.  The stencil works best when it is flat. If not flat the icing can get under the stencil. (see oops pic below). It won’t take long for you to get the hang of it.

After stenciling the design in the middle I added dot borders accents. Using stencils was much faster. These were easy to use and makes the designs much cleaner.




Let me know if you try stencils out. Which brand do you use. This was the first time using them so I would love to know if there are differences between brands.


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