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Lightning McQueen CARS bundt birthday cake !!!!


I wanted to make a CARS themed birthday cake for a special 7 year old. Eli had taken some friends to see the new CARS movie and I thought this would be a perfect theme cake. I made a White Chocolate Raspberry “not nothing bundt” bundt cake that  we both love. I have the recipe posted on this blog.  I decorated the cake with an easy CARS cake decorating set and it turned out great.  This set would work well with any shape cake.

I made 3 color frostings: Black, Green, Yellow.

I first piped on a thick black line around the top for the road. I smoothed it out. The black frosting I used a #1A tip with no coupler. If you do not have this tip you can just use a piping bag or a sandwich bag. I would not go and buy the #1A tip.

I added all the grass frosting using a piping tip #233. My frosting was not that thick so I did not get the perfect grass effect. Make yours thicker for perfect grass. I used the grass piping tip with a coupler.

THIS IS WHEN MY PROJECT WAS TAKEN OVER BY MY FAMILY. Husband says you need to make a ramp and have Lighting McQueen jumping over it, Sam says there needs to be a bridge and trophy, and Miya has thoughts about placement of all the cars and checkered flags. So up to you on how intricate you want.

You can kind of see the two ramps above. These were made from cutting cupcakes. Doesn’t everyone have cupcakes readily available at all times? LOL .No we don’t, but we had cupcakes leftover from yesterday (Father’s Day).

Two cupcakes went in the middle for a stand of the trophy.  I added yellow stripes on the road, but was later informed by my son and husband that there are no lines on a race track…. so I guess this is a “street” race.


Next we had to put on the Cars and have Lightning McQueen jumping the ramp.  We attached a paper clip to the car and then placed it into a straw.

We were all so proud of our cake. I think ELI loved it.!


This Lightning McQueen CARS cake decorating set comes with 14 plastic cars. These have moving wheels and can be played with long after.  1 plastic gold trophy, and 6 checkered flags.   This set is $14.90 (click here to purchase). The grass piping tip is sold separately for $2.69. If you do not have this tip I do recommend buying. I use this one a lot.

IMG_6341   402-234_1-1_grande

See our store for More Cars Party Supplies. Click Here.

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you make this cake.



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