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Ninja and Star Cookies – Perfect for Ninjago inspired party.

Ninjago cookies

I am making Ninjago inspired cookies. The ninja heads and the stars. Here is what I did. Have you seen the new LEGO Ninjago Movie?

I wanted to make a Ninjago inspired set. I used a circle and a star cookie cutter. These are basic shapes so hopefully you already have them in your collection.

I baked circles and stars and let sit for about 5 hours before I started to decorate.

My Steps are listed here, but I also posted my very first cookie video ever below. This shows my steps in fast speed.

First working on the ninja heads I piped the yellow area that surrounds the eyes. I let dry  for about 5 hours and piped the black in the eyes. I piped at the same time the surrounding circle area around the yellow. After a few hours I piped a white dot in the black. This was done in a thicker consistency icing.  At the same time I piped some curvy lines the same color of the head mask.

Next I used the star cookies and made my throwing stars. I searched the internet for images and used as a guide on how to draw the stars.


Here is my very very first cookie video. Really it is my first. So excuse the poor quality and half way through we discovered I need to clean my lens.


We have Ninja party supplies available in our store.

Check out our Pinterest Ninjago Party Board for more inspiration.





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