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Making Softball Team Cookies are easy. Royal Icing


Making softball cookies for a team is easy.  You can use any sugar cookie recipe you like. The one I use is here…..ROLL OUT COOKIE RECIPE.

Let the cookies cool for a good 4 hours before you start to decorate.  Sometimes if you do not wait long enough you will get “butter bleed” on the iced cookie. This means that the icing can slightly change colors in some areas.  I wanted the bright green, but it was not as easy as you would think. It looked greener in the bowl, but then when I put it on the cookie it looked more yellow, not green.


I only used flood consistency icing for the ball. First I did outline and then flooded with the same icing. I used a #3 wilton tip. Use a toothpick to smooth and take out any air bubbles. I let them try overnight and in the morning I was able to  draw the laces and the names. The yellow needs to be completely dry. If not the next color you put on will bleed into the yellow.  😦

ROYAL ICING RECIPE. This is Anotnias Royal Icing Recipe found on the Website. She has a ton of great tips, recipes, and tutorials.


There are several ways to draw the laces. You can search the internet and pick a design to follow.  I made a template from cardstock of the main lace lines (not the v’s) and drew on the cookie with a red edible marker. Use a light touch when drawing. You want to make sure the icing will cover your pen marks. I made a red icing in a thicker consistency.   You also want to make sure the red is thick enough for the laces. It will be easier to draw if thicker and also this helps the bleeding issue. I used a #1.5 PME tip for the laces and the letters.


Icing is too difficult to come out of the tip. You will need to remix the icing and add a tad bit of water. Using a small spray bottle of water is very helpful.

If the icing lines break then you can add some corn syrup. Yes, you will have to remix the icing to add the corn syrup.


The icing for names should also be thick for the same reason as the red icing. I also used the PME #1.5 tip.  I think they came out really cute. I hope they love them









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