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Ukulele & Hibiscus Cookies – Hawaiian Or Luau Theme

Ukelele & Hibiscus Cookies

My dad is a ukulele teacher. I wanted to make some cookies for him that he could share with some of his students.  I found some small cutters on Ebay of a ukulele and a hibiscus flower. I shortly discovered after I bought that you can also use a shamrock cutter if you had one to make the flower. You just need to cut off the stem. I did want a more mini size so I did buy these new. The flower was about 2 ” and the ukulele was about 3″ long.

Here is the cookie recipe I  like to use: ROLL OUT COOKIE


I usually freeze my rolled out dough for at least 15 mins before I cut them. When I did this and cut the ukuleles the long part of it was difficult to push out and many broke. So for this particular shape it was easier to cut when it was not so hard.  The flower shapes I  used my same freezing process.  After baking I let them cool for about 4 hours before I started to decorate.

I first made a small amount of black icing. I used a small butter knife to spread the black on the cookie. You just need a small amount and make sure it is flat.

I mixed light and a dark brown royal icing and bagged in Press’nSeal wrap.

After I bagged the icing in piping bags I was ready for the next step. I used a size 2 wilton tip for both colors. I pipped the dark brown first on the long part. Using the same dark brown pipe an outline of the base.

Next outline with the lighter brown a circle and a long rectangle. Next fill in with the same color. If you will notice in the picture below, the ones on the bottom left only have the circles. I only got the idea to do the rectangle after I did those. This is a good process so you will not have to pipe black on top. This step saves a lot of time and effort. This is always a plus in a “too long” process already. Use a toothpick to smooth or take out any air bubbles.


Let these dry for at least 5 hours before you draw the strings. I mixed a thick white icing batch for the strings. My first tries the lines would break. I had to remix and add some corn syrup. This helped a lot.  First picture below shows the lines breaking. The second pic after adding corn syrup. I used a #1.5 PME tip.

Next moving on to the flowers. I did one petal at a time. First pipe the outter edge. Then pipe the inner edge. Fill in.  Repeat for each petal. Use a toothpick to smooth or take out any air bubbles.

Let this red icing dry for 5 hours. Next you will need some flood consistency white icing. I used a #2 wilton tip to pip the white inside the flower. After this dried overnight in the morning I piped yellow using a 1.5 PME tip. You will want this to be thick.

With yellow I pipped a curve line then some small dots around the tip of the yellow line.


These would be great for a Hawaiian theme or Luau. Maybe add to a Moana or Lilo and Stitch theme. So cute….. I loved the way these turned out.


We do have some Hawaiian theme party supplies in our store. Check them out.


Check out our Hawaii Pinterest Board for party ideas.






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