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Make Captain Underpants Cookies – Royal Icing

Captain Underpants cookies

Do your kids love Captain Underpants? Mine do. I have a 6 and an 8 year old and they love the movie and books. Here I will show the process of me making some Captain Underpants royal icing cookies. In a separate post you can see how I made some really cute Captain Underpants themed cupcakes with just stickers and toothpicks.

I made round 3″ cookies. I decided on 2 designs to make it easy. The spiral hypnotic ring and some underwear. I used only Red and White royal icing. I did accent on the underpants with edible marker.

I baked the cookies at night and was ready to decorate in the morning.

Outline the circle and the underwear and flood with red icing. Smooth imperfections and bubbles with a toothpick.  I let these dry all day and flooded the white inside in the evening.  The next morning it was dry enough to use the edible marker for the underwear detail. And these were done.

For the spiral hypnotic design I first outlined in Red icing. I let these dry all day the same as the underwear design. This I could’ve continued sooner, but I wanted to do all at the same time. That evening I flooded with the white and did my toothpick touch up quickly, shook cookie to flatten out icing, and immediately added the red spiral. The red sunk into the white for a flat smooth finish.

These were both really easy to do and were perfect for a Captain Underpants theme. I put each one in a clear bag and wrapped with red ribbon.

And TRaa La La… they were done!!!!

I also made cupcakes. See my other post to see how I did it with stickers and toothpicks. Don’t forget to check out our store for Captain Underpants party supplies and check out our Ideas Board for more inspiration, Captain Underpants Style.

IMG_0772  See how here.

captain underpants deluxe favors Captain deco set BANNER

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