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Baseball Theme Cookies – Field & Baseballs


Baseball theme cookies are always a popular request. I did these cookies for a Little League  Banquet.   I made baseball fields, baseballs, and some logo cookies.  The baseballs use a royal icing wet on wet technique. You can also read my post for cookies using a different method. You decide which you want to use.


I traced on paper and cut out the baseball diamond. Next I made another template for the inner diamond. I used Foodoodler markers. We do sell these on our site.

I iced a green layer for the grass using a #2 tip. I wanted to add some green sprinkles. I learned that since you are adding sprinkles the grass icing does not need to be perfect. Normally I would use a toothpick and smooth out and make perfect. You can also leave the grass like this and not add the sprinkles. Both works.

Next…. time for Sprinkles. You need to add the sprinkles immediately after so the sprinkles will stick.  Pat the cookie lightly on the sprinkles. You will need to do this a several times to get everywhere. Use a toothpick or “Thingamajig” to clean up the sprinkles and move to the grass area.

I used a tipless bag and piped the bases and lines. This needs to be thick consistency.




Normally I flood the white base and ice the red lines the next day. This time I wanted to try a wet on wet technique. This would speed up my process.

Immediately after flooding the white base I added red lines. Next with my stick (“Thingamajig” from Stencilbelle) I pulled through the lines. You do need to work quickly. Also the pink round mat and turntable is from Stencilbelle.

I let these dry overnight. They wanted their logo on them so I made a stencil with my Cricut Explore Air 2.  I airbrushed 2 layers: red and blue. Then I used a another stencil and did red royal icing for the WAA letters.


I wrapped them up in cello bags and tied with ribbon.


If you are having a Baseball theme party check out our webstore for Baseball theme party supplies……….











BELOW is  link of a baseball posting I did last year. Check it out and decide which method you want to use.

Baseball RoyalIcing Cookies



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