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Ronald McDonald House Charities Easter Cookies – Tutorial

RMHC cookie tutorial

I made these Easter cookies for the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Winfield, Illinois. Here are some pictures of my process.


I wanted to use their house logo as a start. First I used a basic house cutter. I needed to add a chimney so I used another house cutter to just cut out the chimney.

I used a little water to adhere the chimney to the house. I put back in the freezer for about 10 minutes and then baked. Left picture is uncooked, right is after baking.

First I flooded the houses white and yellow. I did these at night so they would be completely dry in the morning for the next step. In the morning with a 1 Wilton Tip I piped the house outline with piping consistency icing. You could also use a black edible marker to save time. {we do sell Foodoodler Edible Markers on our website}.

Next I added a small red heart on the chimney using a 1 Wilton Tip. I used piping consistency icing.


I drew some grass and then I piped some with icing. I immediately added some Easter Sprinkles. This was an Easter Mix from Wilton.

After all the grass and sprinkles were done I was able to add the McDonalds logo and the RMHC to each house. I used the black edible markers for this step.

I waited to completely dry before I bagged and tied ribbon. I think they turned out really cute.


The Ronald McDonald House Charities is an amazing organization helping families all over. To get more information on their organization visit their site.






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