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Make a Chug Jug for Fortnite Party Favors/ Activity


Are you having a Fortnite party?

Have your guests make their own Chug Jugs. There are so many different kinds of containers you can get from the Dollar Tree store. I took my 9 year old son and I think he really had fun helping me pick some out. Although it took way longer than if I was just by myself. We bought several drinking containers and also some duck tape.

At home I just let him go at it. The duck tape was super sticky and really hard to work with. I don’t know if that was just because it was Dollar Tree brand, but I would suggest other options. Maybe another brand or maybe electrical tape. You will have to put on your thinking cap for that.

I made some blue cool-aid and added to the finished chug jug.  Even though it was totally imperfect in my opinion, he loved it. I would have gotten the ruler out and measured everything, but it was a fun project for him. I think a group of boys would have fun making these and using them at the party and long after.


You can also use blue gatorade bottles and add tape to those. Below are some of the options our Dollar Tree store had.



For more Fortnite party inspiration check out our Pinterest Party Board. Oh search this blog for other Fortnite postings.


We also have many Fortnite inspired party supplies in our webstore. 







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