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Make a Fortnite Battle Bus Party Decorations

battle bus

OK. I know I have been doing a lot of Fortnite posts. But the world seems to be taken over by this game. I know my town and my house has. So here is a Fortnite decoration idea you can make very easily. There are not a lot of Fortnite party supplies out there so you have to be crafty.

I printed an 8″x10″ photo from Walgreens. Get on their email list and they will send you coupons. I do many of my pictures there using a 40% off coupon. 1 hour processing is also a plus for any last minute moms like myself.

I put 2 images on the one sheet. I made a mistake of not reversing one of the images when printing.  I did not want to redo so I just used them.  I found a popcorn box the size of my bus.  Do a little cut, fold, tapping magic on the box.  Then tape or glue the images on the box. Add some ribbon or twine and a balloon and you are done.  I used a helium balloon so this was for a table centerpiece. If you don’t want to use helium you can just hang from the ceiling.








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battle bus copy



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