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Royal Icing Shark Cookies

I did these last year for a 5 year old Shark theme party. Here are a few pictures of the process. They were inspired by the very talented Haniela’s.

shark cookies-3

First I piped the mouth in black. I let those dry for 5 hours before I added the gray step. I always get worried with black bleeding so I am extra careful to dry completely.  I used a size 3 Wilton Tip.


Next I added small white teeth. I used a 1.5 PME tip . I added small black eyes and added gray nose holes.


Next I made life savers. I used a circle cutter and cut out another circle in the middle. After baking and letting fully cool I did the red first. I let try for 5 hours. Next I added the white part.


This was one of my first times using my airbrush machine. As you can see I needed some practice. I have had for about 9 months now and I am much better.





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