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Girls Night Out at Board & Brush Oswego, IL



Last month a small group of girls went to Board & Brush in Oswego, Illinois. They describe it as a DIY Wood Sign Workshop.  It is like those painting parties, where you paint a canvas. But instead of everyone getting the same project, at B&B each person goes home with something unique. I love this idea so much more.  I had heard about this place before and really wanted to try. I was so happy when I was invited. It also happened to be on an 80’s theme night and some of my friends really got into dressing up. I will spare you those pictures.There were fun decorations, music, and munchies.


You must register and pay for the class 3 days prior to the actual class date. You will need to pick out the sign you want to make. It will take awhile since there are so many designs to choose from. Family, Kids Names, Kitchen, Bathroom, Holidays, etc….. it really goes on. There is a sign for everything.  Most designs were $65. I choose a 24″ wall clock which was $75.  This may seem like a lot, but it really is not.  You end up taking home a really beautiful high quality piece that you will have forever.

Everyone there was really nice and helpful.  Our session was 3 hours, but I think we finished in 2.5 hours. There were many steps from sanding, distressing the wood, staining, and painting. You really feel like a professional. Everything you need is provided.  You need to register several days prior so they can get your stencil cut and ready for you.  When we got there all of our stencils and wood were ready for us.

We brought in our own appetizers and bought drinks from them. They have a small selection of pop, beer, and wine. There were six in our group. The place was large and could accomodate many small groups or perhaps a large outing.  I hear they can do fundraiser nights.  We all had a lot of fun and certainly plan to go again.  I would love to make a holiday sign next.


I am so proud of my clock. I hope it gets hung up. I have the spot all pick out. Just waiting for hubby to put it up. It has been about 3 weeks now. Looks good on my floor. LOL.



Board & Brush – DIY Wood Sign Workshop

OSWEGO, IL 60543

(630) 383-7219



Katie & Mike are the owners. They were so nice.



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