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How to Make Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cookies – Wimpy Kid Party Theme Ideas


Last month I made a Diary of a Wimpy Kid birthday set. Here are some pictures of the process. I normally make a lemon flavor sugar cookie but this time I wanted to try a chocolate recipe. I used Liliola chocolate recipe. I liked it. My kids said so so and my husband said no. Lemon still is our favorite.

If you are planning a Diary of a Wimpy kid party these are great party treats or take home favors.

I wanted to keep this set simple so I only did circles and squares. An after thought was to cut out the corner of squares for the cheese touch.  I cut of the corners after they were completely cooled. First making the cheese touch, I outlined in yellow and added circles, then filled in. I added a little green to the edges to make a moldy look.


Next for the paper cookies. I outlined in white and filled in.  After drying for 7 hours I added the blue lines with Foodoodler Edible Markers. (we do sell these in our webstore).  After completely doing all the blue lines on all the cookies I went and added the red line. You want to make sure that the blue lines are completely dry or else the colors may blend together. Make sure the bottom layer is completely dry. If not, you can make holes in the icing and the color gets really bad.


I have a PICO (Love Love Love it!).  I put some Greg faces on some. Added the birthday boy’s name and age. It was actually a very simple set to do and I love that I did not have to use very many colors.


Below are some fun ideas for Diary of the Wimpy Kid take home favors. If you include a pen with the set they can write on them when they get home. You can also have some of these out and they can write on them at the party.






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