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How to make Basketball Cookies – Royal Icing

Last fall for the last game I wanted to give the kids a basketball cookie. I got all these tips from Liliola. Visit her site if you are interested in cookie decorating. She is a master.

Basketball cookies

**Note- I used an airbrush. If you d not have an airbrush you can outline and flood the cookie orange.**

First flood all your circle cookies a yellow color. I let mine dry for 5 hours before airbrushing the next step.  I got some netting at Joanns. It is really cheap. I put the netting in between my stencil genie. I airbrushed orange. Since your base was yellow it really shows through.  I could see using this same technique for a snake OR fish cookie.

I always make a few extra cookies so I can practice. Notice the picture below on the right has some darker orange spots. Too much color accumulated on the net. I washed my netting about every 5 cookies. You will have several squares of the netting so you can use another one while that one dries. Slow, even pressure is the key.

I next added the black lines. I used thick piping royal icing in a PME 1.5 tip.

I think they came our really good. The airbrush really added a nice dimension.  Using more realistic curved ball lines really makes a bid difference.



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