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Animal Roya Icing Cookies for Golf Tournament

Here are some pictures of the process for making some Golf Tournament cookies for a hospital.


I wanted to incorporate their animal mascots and golf of course.

For the golf balls I use a wet on wet technique. First I flooded the cookies white and immediately added the gray dimples.  When using this technique the second color should  settle right into the first. You need to work fast. Also the consistency for both icings should be similar.

Next, I added the animal mascots using my PICO projector.

I let each color icing dry 5 hours before adding the next color next to it. I did not add the black edible pen eyes until the next day. It is very important for the icing to be completely hard before using pen. I have made the mistake in the past of being too impatient.  Too soon will just poke a hole in the icing.  Next  I added some grass.

Next design was the golf course. I outlined and flood the white sky and the green grass. I let these dry 5 hours before the next step.

I added the darker green icing in the middle.

I airbrushed some blue for the sky. I next added a white golf ball.

I added white flags. The black flag pole needs to use a thicker piping consistency icing.  I let the flags dry for 5 hours before adding the purple crosses.


Adding the company color ribbon really tied them all together. hehe! I loved the way they came out. Let me know if  you have any questions or comments.





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