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Barcelona Soccer Royal Icing Cookies


I made a Barcelona soccer set for a special 10 year old fan. They wanted the Barcelona red and black team jersey. There were many ways to approach this cookie. First, I always brainstorm what my process will be. Here were my options,

  1. Wet on wet Red and Blue stripes next to each other
  2. Flood cookie red and then airbrush the blue stripes
  3. Ice the Blue stripes, let dry 5 hours then pipe the Red

I choose #3. After completing the set,  next time I will do #2. #3 took the most time because of the 5 hour drying and more of an issue was my stripes gave the cookie an uneven surface.  When you pipe a number or name on the jersey you want the cookie icing to be flat.  So with that being said I am happy with the way they did turn out, but Yes, I do learn more with every batch I decorate.  Here are some pictures of the process.

First I used a Foodoodler Edible marker and a piece of small plastic to draw the jersey lines.  (we do sell Foodoodler pens in our webstore.)

Next, I did the blue stripes. Mix your blue ahead of time to give the color time to develop.  The color will darken over time and you do not want to have too much color in it because there is more of a chance the colors will bleed.  Mix a few drops and let sit for an hour and see how the color changes. BE patient!

After you ice the blue you can make the red icing. Or make the same time as the blue. Red also needs time to develop.  Use the same frugal and patient technique in mixing the red.  After the blue stripes dried for atleast 5 hours I continued with piping the red stripes. As you can see in the picture below I did the blue in sections. I thought I wanted to see the sections separated for a more realistic look, (see the sleeves).  But after I realized that this just made the shirt uneven and was not as easy  to pipe the name and number. Next time I would not do this in sections. I would make it all flat.


While the jerseys dried I moved onto the soccer balls. I piped in a thicker black the soccer ball  lines. I used my PICO projector. I added a small black dot to each section that needed to be flooded black. This helps for after I turn off the projector.  I only let dry for 2 hours before I flooded the white.



I added the name and number in a yellow.  I tried to do a stencil the number 10 and name, but because the cookie was not flat it did not work. So again another reason I would do a different technique. The picture shows below that the cookie on the right has a flat surface and looks much better.


Remember, that you are your worst critic. The small imperfections no one will notice.  Here are some of the cookies after they were all done.


If you are having a soccer theme party you may need some more inspiration. Here are some soccer theme party supplies in our webstore.








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